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Town of Webster, Vernon County, Wisconsin

Highway Ordinance #  2


An ordinance establishing rules and regulations for the acceptance of private roads by the board of supervisors:  in areas of new residential developments.


SECTION A:  The Town Board of Supervisors of the Town of Webster, Vernon County, Wisconsin, do hereby find, determine and ordain; That in order to promote the public safety, general welfare and convenience, it is necessary that certain requirements be established and followed in the creation of new highways in the Town of Webster, and so that the public will not be adversely affected by action of the Town Board of Supervisors accepting a dedication of a road.


It is not intended by this ordinance to repeal, abrogate, annul, or interfere with any exiting highway rules, or regulations issued pursuant to laws in regards to any public highway.


SECTION B:  In order to clarify this ordinance the following words mean:

            Road Bed---    the whole material laid in place and ready for travel.

            Roadway---     a road—the traveled part of it.

            Highway---      a road or way over which the public generally has a right to pass.

            Base Course--  the supporting part of road or bottom.

            Surface Course---the top of road way or traffic course.

            Drainage---      to make gradually dry, by trenches, channels or etc.

            Grade---          the rate of ascent or descent of a road.

Approach---    that portion of road extending 100 feet on each side of culvert or bridge.

SECTION C:  Individual home owners or owners of land abutting on that part of a highway sought to be created or altered, shall make application in writing to the Board of Supervisors, giving location, and description of proposed highway.  Said application may be delivered to any supervisor or the Town Clerk.  Upon receipt of application, supervisors will proceed to examine proposed route of highway.  If proposed road meets the requirements of State, County, and Town laws and ordinances, then the individual or group of individual homeowners may proceed to build highway, under the supervision of the Town Board.


SECTION D:  The following are the standards set up by the Board of Supervisors for the construction of the proposed highway, in compliance with good practice, general construction and safety.

Highway          -the minimum width for any highway shall be not less that 66 feet wide, with a roadway of 24 feet.

Grade              the establishment of a grade will be provided by the Board of Supervisors.

Ditching          -of roadway must be complete and proper elevation to provide for the removal of water.  Where it becomes necessary to make a lateral trench leading from main ditch, then the additional land necessary for the removal of accumulated water, must be provided and deeded over to the Town along with the necessary land for the highway.  The additional land conveyed to the town for drainage, will be under the supervision of the Town Board at all times.

Base Course   -must be a quality and composition suitable for the location, generally 1200 yards per mile of breaker run.  In low or swampy areas, the base course must have a sandy composition, to provide necessary drainage of road bed.  Any muck holes encountered before and during construction of road bed, must be removed and filled with a sandy lift to provide a solid base.

Surface Course          -must consist have crushed packing gravel of a quality and composition suitable for traffic loads. The amount of gravel necessary for acceptance must be at least 2000 yards per mile.  Double-seal seal coat.

Culverts          - (a) Any culverts necessary for proper drainage shall be provided and installed after elevation and location is obtained from the Town Board.  The minimum length of any culvert installed in the road bed shall be 26 feet in length, however, the diameter and length of said culvert will be subject to the approval of the Town Board, after the amount of flowage is determined.  Any secondary culverts installed in any lateral trenches, will be of a size and length as determined by the Town Board.

            (b) If at any time it is decided by the Town Board, that the construction of a culvert or bridge would be a size and cost that would create a hardship to the owner or owners of land, required to build said culvert or bridge, then the Town Board will proceed to accept road, complete as required by these rules and regulations, except that part extending 100 feet on each side of said culvert or bridge.  The portion of road extending 100 feet on each side of culvert or bridge will hereafter be known as the approach.  The approach will be accepted incomplete, on the condition that the Town Board will bill back to the owner or owners a portion of the cost of construction of bridge or culvert. The Town will then proceed to build said culvert or bridge and approach with the help of bridge aid, if available, and the balance of cost of construction not covered by aid will be charged to owner or owners of land abutting road.

            It is not the intent of this section to discriminate or favor and individual or individuals, but rather to aid in construction, so as to reduce the cost of construction; in areas where nature has created extreme road building conditions.


SECTION E:  Upon completion of proposed highway, the Board of Supervisors will proceed to make final inspection; accepting or rejecting road as the case may be.  If road is rejected, then corrections must be made as recommended by Board of Supervisors, before final inspection can then be made again.  If final acceptance is then made, the owner or owners will turn over to the Town, the deed of all land necessary for the road as previously mentioned.


SECTION F:  Where any section or part of section of this ordinance is amended, voided or superseded thereby, the remaining sections not so specifically amended or voided or superseded shall remain in effect.


Passed by the Town Board of the Town of Webster, the 3rd day of December, 1990

Brent A. Waddell, Town Chairman   Paul Thelen, Town Supervisor

                                                                        Richard R. Parker, Town Supervisor

Filed this 3rd day of December, 1990  Ara Clark, Town Clerk

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