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Town of Webster

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Town of Webster Board of Supervisors,


December 19, 2006



1.  Call to Order:  Chair Skip Oliphant called the monthly board meeting to order at 7:00 PM with all members present except, Treasurer Parker was not able to attend.  A total of 14 people were in attendance.


2.  Pledge of Allegiance:  The Board led the reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.  Proof of Posting:  Clerk Yttri gave proof of proper posting of meeting in two newspapers, at the three posting places, on the Town website and via email for those citizens who have signed up for email notification.


4. Adoption of Agenda: Parker moved to adopt the agenda, Nemec seconded. Motion carried. 


5. Minutes of Previous Meetings:  Clerk Yttri provided copies of the minutes of the November 21, 28, 29 & December 1, 2006 meetings.  He asked the Chair asked if he wished to have the minutes read aloud, and the Chair said that since printed copies of the minutes had been made available at the meeting as well as on the town’s website, the Board members could silently review the printed form.  Parker moved to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Nemec. Motion carried.


6. Review and Payment of Bills:  The current checkbook balance is $13,984.62 and the monthly bills total $101,058.89. The Board chose to pay $5,000 to the La Farge State Bank (on loan) and $5,224.91 toward the other bills. Nemec moved to approve the payment of other bills presented, seconded by Parker.  Motion carried.


7. Review Building Permits:  none


8. Fire Number Applications:  none


9. Overweight Permit Ordinance:  Chairman Oliphant presented the Board with information and sample regulations used by other Towns.  This discussion will continue onto next month’s meeting agenda.


10. 911 Calls:  Chairman Oliphant researched the 911-address system located in the Avalanche village area.  Addresses, road names and mailbox locations were discussed with the Sheriff Dept. They are correct with the system at this time.


11. Election Poll Inspectors 2 yr Term:  The Board reviewed the list of Pole Inspectors that the Clerk presented.  They are:  Eda June Widner, Dolly Lisney, Marge Nemec, Jan Parker, Marilee Miller, Donna Getter, Marsha Parker, Jean Beck, June Parker and Roseanne Boyette.  Clerk Yttri stated that there would be a Spring Primary Election in February.


12. Caucus Date:  January 19, 2007 at 7:30 PM was the date for the Town Caucus, right after the January Board meeting.


      13. Patrolman’s Report:  Shane reported that they had been brushing on several roads such as Green Hollow Rd and were repairing equipment for snowfall preparation.


14. Public Input: Boyette asked about road weight limits as to why any exemptions were even allowed.  Further discussion will be addressed at next month’s meeting.

A S. Elk Run resident reminded the Board that he was told that that section of road was to be repaired last year and wanted to know when it will be done. Lack of funds will postpone this project for a while. 


15. Board Comments:  No Board comments. 


16. Future Meeting Dates:                         


            January 16 – Monthly Board Meeting, 6 PM

                         16 – Town Caucus 7:30 PM



17. Adjourn:  Parker moved to adjourn, seconded by Nemec.  Meeting adjourned.



Submitted by:   Ole Yttri, Clerk     Signature_____________________Date: December 19, 2006




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