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Town of Webster

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Town of Webster Board of Supervisors,

June 20, 2006


1.  Call to Order:  Supervisor Gordon Nemec called the monthly board meeting to order at 7:05 PM because Chair Skip Oliphant was on an ambulance call. A total of 12 people were in attendance and all board members except for Chair Oliphant who arrived near the completion of the meeting.


2.  Pledge of Allegiance:  The Board led those in attendance who chose to participate in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.  Proof of Posting:  Clerk Yttri gave proof of proper posting of meeting and agenda.


4. Adoption of Agenda: Tim Parker moved to adopt the agenda with the addition of item 15:  Flag Presentation and noting that some items may need to be moved to later in the meeting pending the arrival time of the Chair.  Nemec seconded. Motion carried. 


5. Minutes of Previous Meetings:  Clerk Yttri provided copies of the minutes of the May 16 regular meeting.  Nemec asked if anyone wished to have the minutes read aloud since copies were available.  No one objected to silently reading the printed form. Prior to approving the minutes, Nemec read an email from Tara Fermanich, Assistant Legal Counsel, Wisconsin Towns Association in response to a question pertaining to the legal contents of official minutes. Following is a direct quote from her response: 

“You don’t have to include her editorials as part of the official record for the minutes of the meeting.  In fact, according to Robert’s Rules of order (and the Attorney General), there shouldn’t be anything in the minutes except the motions and any official actions that were done at the meeting.”

Tim Parker moved to approve the minutes as read with the noted change, seconded by Nemec. Motion carried.


6. Review and Payment of Bills:  The current checkbook balance is $39,943 and the monthly bills totaled $23,446.  The clerk noted that the transportation aid is expected the first week in July. Parker moved to approve the payment of bills presented, seconded by Nemec. Motion carried.


7. Review Building Permits – Building permits were issued to Vernon Glick, Dave Varney, and John Young.


8. Fire Number Applications – No new applications this month.


9.  Property Insurance Update:   Kathy Wong, representing Hofmeister Insurance Company, did not submit her quote. The Clerk was instructed to pay Rural Insurance for one quarter, and continue to seek a comparative quote from Kathy.


10. Avalanche Store Class A Beer License:  Nemec, seconded by Parker, moved to approve the license application.


11. Brush Hollow Cemetery Soldiers’ Graves Reimbursement:  Board members signed approval of the Brush Hollow Cemetery Association’s request to the Vernon County Clerk for reimbursement for the care of veterans’ graves for the current year.


      12. Town-Sponsored Award Committee Report:  Jack Lee and Jean Beck were present, and Lee introduced this year’s winner, Mike McNelly. Mike read his winning essay and responded to questions from the Board. Mike was presented his award of $350 following the meeting so that the Chair could be present and pictures could be taken.  The Board thanked the committee for their work and Mike for entering the contest.


13. Request from Vernon Communications for franchise/ordinance:  Chair Oliphant was able to negotiate the contract for a term of 7 years rather than the 20 years Vernon Communications had requested. Nemec moved to approve the 7-year contract, Parker seconded, and motion carried.


14. Viroqua Schools Request for In-Kind Donation:  Parker moved to deny consideration of in-kind donation for the school’s athletic facility. Nemec seconded, and motion carried.


15 Flag Presentation:  Chair Skip Oliphant presented an American flag and certificate sent to him by his brother, Randy Oliphant, and Randy’s son, Ryan Oliphant, who are currently serving our country in Iraq. The flag had toured with Randy in Iraq and had also flown at their base camp in Kuwait.  The flag will be displayed in the Webster Town Hall in a display case together with the certificate and letter.


16.Patrolmen’s Report:  Shane Stone reported that Ames Hill was ready for sealcoating.  He also reported that ditching has been done on East Salem Ridge Road, Randy Volden was removing stumps, mowing was about 50% completed, and the road tubes which arrived today would be installed soon. Sealcoating of the 3.9 miles reported last month and the one-half mile stretch on Ames Hill as well as the one-tenth of a mile section behind the Brush Hollow Cemetery is expected to begin sometime after the second week in July.


16.Public Input: Gordon Nemec who estimated the total cost of sealcoating to be between $99,000 and $111,000, based upon total square footage, responded to questions regarding the cost of the sealcoating projects. The sealcoating of the 3.9 miles of heavily used roads includes the use of blue rock, which is expected to hold up better under heavy use.


17.  Board Comments:  Oliphant reported that he had received a request to use Melvin Cemetery for burials.  He will place this on next month’s agenda for discussion.


18. Future Meeting Dates:                         

            June 27 – ICS Disaster Training, Erlandson Building, 6:30 PM

July 18 – Monthly Board Meeting, 7:00 PM

            July 27 – Vernon County Town Association Picnic, Kickapoo Reserve, 7:00PM

                           Preceded by Tour of Manure Digester at Wild Rose Dairy, 5:00 PM


19. Adjourn:  Parker moved to adjourn, seconded by Nemec.  Meeting adjourned.



Submitted by:   Ole Yttri, Clerk     Signature_______________________Date: June 20, 2006


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