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Town of Webster


Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Town of Webster Board of Supervisors,

April 18, 2006


1.  Call to Order:  Chair Skip Oliphant called the monthly board meeting to order at 7:00 PM. A total of 31 people were in attendance and all board members except for Gordon Nemec.


2.  Pledge of Allegiance:  The Board led those in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.  Proof of Posting:  Clerk Yttri gave proof of proper posting of meeting and agenda.


4. Adoption of Agenda: Tim Parker moved to adopt the agenda.  Skip Oliphant seconded. Motion carried. 


5. Minutes of Previous Meetings:  Clerk Yttri read the minutes of the March 21 regular monthly board meeting. Tim Parker moved to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Skip Oliphant. Motion carried.


6. Review and Payment of Bills:  T. Parker moved to approve the payment of bills presented, seconded by Oliphant. Motion carried.


7. Item # 7 was a scheduled presentation by the new assessor, Jerry Kins; however, since he had not yet arrived at the meeting, the Board decided to move ahead with the next agenda items, placing Kins in when he arrived.


8. Review Building Permits –No building permits were applied for or issued this month.


9. Fire Number Applications –No fire numbers were applied for or issued this month.


10. Review of Board of Review Alternates List:  On July 27, 2004, the following people were named to the Alternate Member Board of Review list:  Barbara Briggs, Susan Johnson, and Jean Beck.  The Clerk suggested that it might be appropriate to rotate others into this task. He also explained the purpose and procedure of forming an Alternative Board of Review List.  After discussion of the matter, the Board decided to Table this until next month’s meeting.


11. Seal Coat Surfacing Bids:  Tim Parker moved to accept Scott’s bid for limestone and blue chip, seconded by Oliphant. Motion carried. Bids were opened at the previous monthly meeting, and amounts and bidders were listed in those minutes.


12. Bids for Lawn Mowing:  Bids were opened for the mowing of Mt. Zion Cemetery and for the Town Hall/Shop Lawn.  The bids per mowing were as follows:

Mt. Zion Cemetery:        Kolby Walker       $35.00

                               Trevor Parr      $29.00

Webster Town Shop:      Kolby Walker      $40.00

                              Donald Barr      $35.00

T. Parker moved to award the Mt. Zion Cemetery bid to Trevor Parr for $29.00 per mowing and the Webster Town Shop lawn to Kolby Walker for $40.00 per mowing. Oliphant seconded, and motion carried.


13. Town-Sponsored Essay Contest: Jack Lee reported that committee members Ardene Wirtz, Jean, Beck and himself had met at Ardene’s, formulated a letter and accompanying topic and had mailed them to the eight schools open to Webster residents.  He also stated that the announcement for the essay would be placed in four newspapers.  The Board was given a copy of the letter.  This year’s entrance deadline is May 15, and the committee will meet again to select the winner of the $350 contest, designed to encourage interest in town government by graduating seniors residing in our township.


14. Request from Vernon Communications for franchise/ordinance:  Chair Oliphant reported that he had received by mail a request from Vernon Communications for a franchise/ordinance. Oliphant reported that he would refer this matter to the Town attorney for review and would report back to the Board at a later date.


14b. Jerry Kins--Assessor(Formerly listed as item 7).  Jerry Kins arrived at this point, was introduced, and his presentation and question/answer session to the Board and residents lasted nearly an hour. He presented information on how assessments are done, the difference between a maintenance year (which we are in at the current time) and a re-evaluation year, the difference between market value and assessed value, and how land is classified according to its use. Several residents and the Board expressed appreciation for his informative presentation. Citizen Dan Arnold asked for a description of what happens at a Board of Review. Clerk Yttri explained that the assessor mails notices of any changes to residents.  If residents have questions, they attend the Open Book with the assessor.  If residents are still not satisfied, they request a Board of Review to hear their evidence and make a decision. Alternate members of the Board of Review may be named if proper procedures for their request are followed. Open Book is scheduled this year for May 23 from 2-6 PM with Board of Review following from 7-9 PM.


15. Viroqua Schools Request for In-Kind Donation:  This request was tabled due to lack of information on the type and reasons for the request.


16. Patrolmen’s Report:  Patrolman Shane Stone reported that the grader and mower had been readied, trees removed where necessary, and brushing continuing.  He reported that the sign on North Elk was fixed. He reported problems with the truck. Chair Oliphant will call the company about this.


17. Public Input: 







18.  Board Comments:  Members of the Board had no additional comments this month.


19. Future Meeting Dates:             

            May 5 – Clean-up Day 12 PM – 4 PM

                       And May 6 – Clean-up Day 9 AM -3 PM

            May 16-- Monthly Board Meeting, 7 PM

            May 23 -- Open Book 2-6 PM and Board of Review 7-9 PM


19. Adjourn:  Oliphant moved to adjourn, seconded by T. Parker.  Meeting adjourned.



Submitted by:   Ole Yttri, Clerk     Signature_______________________Date: April 18, 2006








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