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(Pending approval March board meeting)

Town of Webster


Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Town of Webster Board of Supervisors,

February 22, 2006


1.  Call to Order:  Chairman Skip Oliphant called the monthly board meeting to order at 7:00 PM. A total of 17 people were in attendance plus all board members.


2.  Pledge of Allegiance:  The Board led those in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.  Proof of Posting:  Clerk Yttri gave proof of proper posting of meeting and agenda.


4. Adoption of Agenda: Gordon Nemec moved to adopt the agenda.  Tim Parker seconded. Motion carried. 


5. Minutes of Previous Meetings:  Nemec moved to approve the minutes.  Parker seconded.  Motion carried.


6. Review/Payment of Bills:  The Board questioned the NAPA and Effinger Equip. bills. The Clerk will get further clarification before paying. With the current bills at $4,793.38 and checkbook balance at $62,495.03, a motion was made by Nemec to approve all bills, seconded by Parker.   Motion carried.


7. Gravel & Road Rock Bids:  The Kraemer Co. submitted the only bid for Gravel and Rock.  The prices were:                              Picked Up                   Delivered

            ¾” Base Course                 $5.00 CY                   $6.00 CY

            3” Minus Breaker Run        5.00                             6.00  

            Screenings                     5.00                  6.00  

            Rip Rap                          6.80                  8.80  

    The price for private rock would be $ 9.00 per cubic yard. 

Nemec made the motion to accept the bid for Gravel and Rock from The Kraemer Co., seconded by Parker.   Motion carried.


8. Review Building Permits – These residents have applied for Building Permits since last month’s meeting:   1) Dillion Clermont, pd 2) Dave Varney & 3) Jake Robinson, MN-N. Elk Run


9. Fire/Road # Applications -- These residents have applied for Fire/Road #Applications since last month’s meeting: 1) Anita Zibton, (3rd #)  2) Shawn Russel, Hwy 82


10. Set Disaster Rate for Use of Equipment & Labor – In case of a disaster in the Town of Webster area, Federal & State agencies recommend that we set disaster-pricing rates for men & equipment usage.  Nemec made the motion to table the setting of disaster rates until more information on suggested state rates could be gathered, seconded by Parker.   Motion carried.


11. Election Update – Clerk Yttri gave an update on the required handicap-accessible voting machine to be made available through a federal grant of $6,000.  The machine should be available for the November election. There were some questions and comments from residents about this process.


12. Wednesday Recycling Hours – Parker made the motion to resume the Wednesday Recycling Hours from 3-6 PM starting March 15, seconded by Nemec.   Motion carried.


13. DOT Testing Agreement – The Board signed the extension agreement with Gunderson-Lutheran to continue the required drug and alcohol testing programs for town employees who have a CDL driving license.


14. Seal-Coating Bids -- Clerk Yttri was advised to advertise for bids for Seal-Coating town roads. Bids are to be opened at next month’s meeting.


15.  Patrolman Report:  Shane reported that they have been busy brushing area roads, plowing and sanding roads.


16. Board Comments:  Chairman Oliphant thanked the Amish community for their donated labor for the work insulating the town shop.


17. Public Input:  Rosanne Boyette requested that the town hall security lighting be placed on next month’s meeting agenda because she needed more than 3 minutes to discuss this issue.  Chairman Oliphant asked her to e-mail the Clerk the details and reasons.  Rosanne also requested (per her husband, Joe Swanson) enforcement issues and overall management of the UDC Building Code be placed on next month’s meeting agenda.  Chairman Oliphant stated that Wayne Haugrud, UDC Building Inspector, is the person in charge with the authority in dealing with these issues and that Oliphant was very pleased with Haugrud’s procedure.  Rosanne also questioned timeliness of agendas & minutes posting on the town’s website.  Clerk Yttri stated that the agendas are posted about 24 hours prior to the Board meeting, and that they are usually also e-mailed to the Town’s Web list of residents who have requested this service and who have provided the Clerk with email addresses.  The suggestion of earlier posting of the minutes will be taken under advisement.  She also mentioned that the current meeting agenda did not include the adoption or non-adoption from the prior meeting on revision of the Burning Ordinance.  She was assured this was an oversight by the Clerk and the Board and was thus unintentional.


18. Future Meeting Dates: 

March 17 – District WTA meeting in Richland Center

March 21—Monthly Board Meeting at 7 PM. 


19. Adjourn:  Parker moved to adjourn. Nemec seconded. Meeting adjourned.



Submitted by:   Ole Yttri, Clerk     Signature_______________________Date: 2/22/2006



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