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Town of Webster


Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Town of Webster Board of Supervisors,

May 23, 2005


Minutes of special town board meeting  May 23, 2005  purpose-discuss seal coat projects


Meeting was called to order at the town hall at 8:03 am by Chairman Oliphant with Supervisor Nemec, and patrolmen Stone and Lombard in attendance. Supervisor Parker walked in at 8:04.

Oliphant suggested the following roads

Ames Rd, Green Hollow Rd, Nemec Rd, Husker Hollow Rd, Nemec Hill Rd as per Scott Construct. Recommendation.

Stone stated that North Elk Run Rd at the top needed to be done as per FEMA guideline, also two tubes that were done on Kirking Rd last year.

Nemec expressed concern that the landowner that has bought land adjoining Nemec Hill Rd. has damaged the road and will continue to damage the road if he is not finished with his driveway. He stated that former chairman Swanson had been contacted 2 times about the damage and nothing was done. An attempt will be made to recover damages done to road and alert owner of drive way that it needs to be completed before road is sealed.

Supervisor Parker suggested the  following,

Bottom of  Husker Hollow Rd starting  near Briggs driveway and ending at intersection of Tunnelville Rd, including reconstruction as per Scott’s recommendation.

Ames Rd reconstruct and gravel

Green Hollow Rd as per recommendation

Nemec Rd as per recommendation

Nemec Hill Rd. Widen out from last years stopping point to near bottom of hill and seal coat.

The board agreed the following roads needed to be done.

Green Hollow Rd

Nemec Rd

Husker Hollow from near Briggs drive to Tunnelville intersection

Ames Rd

Avalanche Hill TRIPP project

North Elk Run  FEMA project

Kirking Rd  FEMA tubes- seal coat over them

Seal coating and constructing will be done per Scott Const. recommendations

 Parker made motion to do above work if new estimate by Scott’s falls in the $50,000. budget range. If not, will reevaluate.

Seconded by Nemec

All voted aye

Motion to adjourn by Nemec, second by Parker


(Minutes were recorded by Chairman Oliphant)



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