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Town of Webster


Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Town of Webster

Board of Supervisors

May 21, 2013



1.  Call to Order:  Chair John Young called the monthly board meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Supervisor Gordon Nemec, Treasurer Jan Parker, and Clerk Ole Yttri present. Art Thelen was not in attendance. A total of 9 people were in attendance.  Clerk Yttri administered the oath of office to the newly elected officials prior to the meeting.


2. Pledge of Allegiance:  The Board led the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and Young asked for a moment of silence for formal Board Chair, Paul Bader.


3.  Proof of Posting:  Clerk Yttri gave proof of proper posting of meeting and agenda, (two newspapers, at the three posting places, on the Town website and through email for those citizens who have signed up for email notification).


4. Adoption of Agenda: Nemec moved to adopt the agenda with the addition of item #12.5-Town Road Tour, seconded by Young.  Motion carried. 


5. Minutes of Previous Meetings:  Clerk Yttri presented the minutes of the April 23, 2013 meeting.  Young moved to adopt the minutes, seconded by Nemec.  Motion carried. 


6. Review and Payment of Bills:  The current checkbook balance is $83,325.27 and the monthly bill total is $5,934.22.  Nemec made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Young.  Motion carried. 


7. Review Building Permits: none

8. Fire Number Applications:  none


9. Review Rural Ins. Co. Coverage with Agent Kevin Bluske: Kevin fail to attend the meeting, the clerk will contact him to reschedule.  


10. Update River Rd Bridge Dive Team Assessment:  The bridge has been inspected by the underwater dive team, but no report of the findings have yet been issued.  Young has been told that the county highway department might assist with this cost of the dive inspection.


11. Update Ames Rd Fence Dispute:  The board was called to a fence dispute on Ames Rd on May13, 2013.  There it was determined that the dispute was over property lines which do not come under the jurisdiction of the town board.



12. Open Mowing Bids for the Town Hall and Mt. Zion Cemetery: Bids were:

            Chris Parker                $40—town hall           $40—Mt Zion Cemetery

            Mike Martin                 40                            40                         

            Lucas Nordin                39.99                    

            Mary Haugrud                                                              35                         

Chair Young excused himself from voting due to family connections.  Nemec moved to accept the low bidders; Nordin, town hall and Haugrud for the cemetery.  Motion carried.


12.5 Town Road Tour:  The board conducted the annual road tour of all the town roads to evaluate their condition and plan for this year’s rehab projects.  Priority could include sealing parts of Wemmer, W Salem, Tunnelville, Ditching Avalanche and sealing part. Buckeye- ditch, lift, culverts. E Salem- wedge corners, Kirking- lift, seal part, South Elk prep for next year seal, and dead ends will probably get gravel.


13. Patrolmen’s Report:  Patrolman Hysel stated that they had removed all the road bans signs, cleaned the bridge decks of sand and salt, the snowplows and sanders were washed and oiled/painted.  He had completed the salt shed hazard material reports for the building for the last three years.  He also checked into the price of a replacement brush hog mower at a cost of $8,900.


14. Public Input:  Lucas Nordin thanked the patrolmen for filling the pot holes so quickly.


15. Board Comments:  Clerk Yttri stated that he took a load of paint cans to the VC Clean Sweep event in Hillsboro.


16. Future Meeting Dates:

                  May 29 – Open Book (5-7 PM), Board of Review (7-9 PM)                       

June 18 – Transportation Committee Meeting, 6:30 PM

                  June 18 -- Monthly Board Meeting, 7:00


17. Motion by Young to go into Closed Session under Wis. St. Sec. 19.85c (considering             employment, promotion, performance or compensation of a public employee:             employee handbook), seconded by Nemec.  Motion carried.


18. Motion by Nemec to reconvene into Open Session, seconded by Young.  Motion carried.  Patrolman, Brandon Hysel informed the board that he is resigning as of July 1, 2013 due to his other self employment workload.  The board accepted his resignation. The board will advertise for a replacement within the next two weeks.


19. Adjourn:  Nemec moved to adjourn, seconded by Young.  Meeting adjourned.



Submitted by: Ole Yttri, Clerk ______________________  Date: May 21, 2013

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