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Town of Webster

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Town of Webster Board of Supervisors,

October 18, 2005


1.  Call to Order:  Chairman Skip Oliphant called monthly board meeting to order at 7:00 PM. A total of 10 people were in attendance plus all board members.


2.  Pledge of Allegiance:  The Board led those in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.  Proof of Posting:  Clerk Ole Yttri gave proof of proper posting of meeting and agenda.


4.  Adoption of Agenda:  Gordon Nemec moved to adopt the agenda after item 18 was added—Fire/Road Numbers and Location on Subdivisions. Tim Parker seconded. Motion carried. 


 5.  Minutes of Previous Meetings:  Yttri reported a posted budget review meeting held on Oct. 13.  The clerk also read minutes from the special ordinance hearing meeting and the last regular monthly board meeting. Nemec moved to approve the minutes, Parker seconded, and motion carried.


6.  Review/Payment of Bills: The Kraemer bill questioned last month was clarified. The NAPA Auto Parts bill was questioned. Nemec requested that an inventory of tools be conducted by the end of the year. Parker questioned the tubes purchased, and it was noted that an improved process of tracking tubes needs to be established. Currently the checking account balance is approximately $60,000 and the bills total $90,000, including the bill from Scott’s ($65,000). The township expects an additional $42,000 in Shared Revenue late in November plus $10,000 in TRIP funding. However, due to the shortage of money in this month’s budget, the Board voted to pay Scott’s $25,000 at this time.  The cell phone bill was also questioned pertaining to the purchase of a new phone and the additional charges. Motion by Nemec to approve all bills except to make a partial payment to Scott’s of $25,000, seconded by Parker.   Carried.


7.  2005 Budget Update:  There were no additional budget updates to be made.      


8.  Insulation of Town Shop:  It was reported that the insulation of the town shop will begin the end of the current month with Amos Mast in charge, Nemec volunteered his help if the timeline worked out with his occupation.


9. Overhead Shop Doors:   An estimate from Swenson Doors was reported as $4200 to $4300 to replace the pair of doors plus track.  No action was taken by the Board at this time.


10 Review Road Tube Delivery Charge:    Due to the increased cost of fuel, Parker moved to raise the tube delivery fee from the current $25 to $40.  Nemec seconded. Carried.


11.  Vernon County Humane Society—Animal Care Contract:  Nemec moved to continue the contract on a per animal fee. Parker seconded. Motion carried.


12.  Vernon Co-op Oil—LP Gas Agreement:  Yttri reported that he had initiated a contract to lock-in the LP gas cost at $1.10 per gallon for the 2005-2006 heating season. Motion by Parker to accept contract. Nemec seconded. Motion carried.


13. Review Assessor’s Contract:  The current assessors, Hugh and Jeri Harper, are asking for a ten percent raise. The Board decided to table the request in order to shop rates with other township assessors.


 14. Review Town Hall Rent Fees:  Yttri reported that according to the requested search of past minutes, a motion was passed in November of 1998 to assess the $25.00 hall user fee for both profit and non-profit renters. The current board made no change in this policy.


15.  Snow Plowing and Driveway Plowing:  The current procedure will continue to be used.  This procedure includes plowing of the town roads first and then driveways if there is two or more inches of snow.  Driveways must have a proper turn-around for the plow and have a have the 14 feet high and fourteen feet wide corridor.  The plow will not cross creeks, or plow a driveway where they would have to back out into the main road. Residents who request driveways sanded will be assessed $7.00.


16.  Winter Recycling Hours:  The current hours will remain as scheduled and will be reviewed next month.


17.  Burning Ordinance Revision: Chair Oliphant distributed a draft burning ordinance revision for the Board to review and discuss again next month.


18.  Fire/Road Numbers and Location on Subdivisions:  A discussion of options was conducted as to the preferred location of fire number signs to ensure emergency personnel can locate residences. No action was taken at this time.


19.  Patrolman Report:  Shane reported the mower had been fixed, brushing an mowing had been done, bridges were cleaned and painted, posts for fire numbers were put up, and soon the salt and sand would be mixed.


20.  Board Comments:  Nemec commented that the mowing looks good. Yttri reported on the availability of an elections grant for handicap accessibility. He will be submitting a request for a $1500 grant to purchase a hard surfaced pad for handicapped parking. Funds are limited, so a limited number of township requests will be filled.  Oliphant reported that the plan to rate the town roads according to their needs is continuing. Parker suggested that the Board increase communication with the patrolmen to review their schedules and duties. Treasurer Jan Parker will check on possible changes in the personal property assessments of a couple residents and report back at the next regular meeting.


21.  Public Input:  Roseanne Boyett expressed her appreciation of the Board’s willingness to consider ordinances and reminded them that the deadline is approaching for towns to have a comprehensive plan in place. Richard Appleman complimented the Board on their work, but suggested that more coordination between the Board members and both patrolmen would be beneficial in completing work in a timely manner.


22.  Future Meeting Dates:  October 27—Vernon Co. WTA, 7:30 PM, Courthouse Boardroom; November 8—Budget Review, 6:30 PM; November 15—Monthly Board Meeting, 7 PM; November 17—2006 Budget Hearing, 7 PM.


23. Adjourn:  Parker moved to adjourn. Nemec seconded. Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by:   Ole Yttri, Clerk     Signature_______________________Date: 10/18/2005

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