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Town of Webster


Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Town of Webster Board of Supervisors,

June 23, 2005



Meeting called to order by Chairman Oliphant at 6:00 PM located at the crest of the Avalanche Road TRIP project site for the purpose of reviewing the TRIP project contract with R.L. Widner Construction.  All current board members were present along with former Chair Swanson and town resident totaling 13 people in attendance all together.


Chair Oliphant began the meeting with a citing of the problems/issues concerning the bidding and implementation of the project. A summary of the issues follows:

1.      Approval of the bid submitted by Widner’s Construction, even though it was the only bid, was tabled at the July, 2004 regular Board meeting because the bid was too vague.

2.      There is no record of any special or regular meeting after July 1 to approve the bid.  There is also no record of a detailed bid in the possession of any of the Town officials.

3.      The chairman cannot legally award the contract by himself; it must be passed by a motion and vote at a Town meeting. June Widner could not vote because of conflict of interest and Bud Nemec said he never attended a meeting about this project. Consequently, there is no record of the bid being approved or awarded.

4.      As of 6/21/2005, no copy existed in the Township records of a contract for this project.  All projects over $5,000 must have a written contract.

5.      There is no record of any meeting of the board with the Widner’s to approve and sign a change/revision of the bid, as the work was not completed as per specifications. The revision should have noted the reasons for the change, what the changes were, and have been signed as approved by the County Highway Commissioner. There is no record this paperwork was completed.


Oliphant also stated that the bill received was for a project that remains incomplete per bid specifications, and that as a result of the lack of proper records and documentation, this project would not meet the TRIPP qualifications. This means that as things currently stand, the Town is unable to recover funds from the TRIPP program. Chair Oliphant therefore requested a reduction in the amount due. Oliphant shared with the Board the four-page “Checklist for an Approved for Local Roads Improvement Project”, noting the areas where documentation was lacking.


Representatives from Widner Construction produced copies of an original contract which had been tabled due to lack of specific information, and a copy of the revised contract which was more specific. Both contracts were signed by Widner Construction and by Joe Swanson.


After further discussion Parker moved that the following actions by Widner Construction would meet the County Highway Commissioner’s recommendations and would complete Widner’s portion of the project:

1.      “Spot” loads of gravel to get a good base to have the road ready for seal coating.

2.      More riprap is needed at the culvert pipe area.

3.      Shape the bank along Cassidy Parker’s property after discussing the process with the landowners.

Nemec seconded the motion, and it carried. This list was signed and dated by R.L. Widner, G. Oliphant, T. Parker, and G. Nemec and is now part of the Clerk’s records.


Parker then moved to pay the bill of $11,359 (which does not include interest) to R.L. Widner Construction. Nemec seconded. After further discussion, Parker amended his motion to pay R.L Widner Construction $10,000 now and the remainder of the bill when the three conditions listed above were completed. Nemec seconded the amended motion, and the motion carried.


Motion by Nemec, seconded by Parker to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.



Submitted by_____Ole Yttri______________, Clerk     Date:  _June 23, 2005 __





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