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From: Skip & Carla Oliphant []
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 6:03 PM
Subject: july 7 meeting
July 7th 2005 Meeting was called to order by Chairman Oliphant at Nemec Hill Rd at 6:30 p.m
Present were Oliphant,Supervisor Nemec, patrolmen Stone and Lombard and contractor Randy Volden.The purpose of the meeting was to get cost and time on widening the road in order to be safer and provide proper drainage. The east side of the road bank would have material removed and placed on the opposite side road where there is a steep embankment and road way break off. Sealcoating is to start Mid August and there was concern by Nemec that the owner of the driveway (Clermont) would not be done with his driveway yet and would tear up the road even more, and new sealcoat is was going to be laid down and then get tore up. Nemec suggsted that we postpone ditching and sealcoat on that road till next year. Patrolman  Stone offered that South Elk Run Rd had been started to be widened at the top and be another choice. Volden stated that his schedule was pretty tight doing other township jobs and needed to get scheduled as soon as possible. It was decided to physically look at South Elk that night in order to get scheduled  and sealcoated this year. At approximately 7:45 the meeting moved to South Elk Run Rd. Work started and needed to be finished was looked at. Volden would ditch and bank north side approx 1930 ft starting at the racetrack drive and go down the hill (west?). township would provide truck to move material that could not be placed directly across road. township would also ditch opposite side of road in order to provide drainage. Volden said he would do the job for $4900.00 in 4 days Starting July 18th. Motion was made by Oliphant and seconded by Nemec to offer contract. Meeting adjorned 8:30
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