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Town of Webster


Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Town of Webster

Board of Supervisors

February 17, 2010



1.  Call to Order:  Chair Paul Bader called the monthly board meeting to order at 7:00 PM with Supervisors Daniel Arnold and John Young, Treasurer Jan Parker, and Clerk Ole Yttri present.  A total of 16 people were in attendance.


2. Pledge of Allegiance:  The Board led the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.  Proof of Posting:  Clerk Yttri gave proof of proper posting of meeting and agenda, (two newspapers, at the four posting places, on the Town website and through email for those citizens who have signed up for email notification).


4. Adoption of Agenda: Young moved to adopt the agenda, seconded by Arnold.  Motion carried. 


5. Minutes of Previous Meetings:  Clerk Yttri presented the minutes of the January 19, 2010 meeting.  Bader moved to adopt the minutes, seconded by Young.  Motion carried. 


6. Review and Payment of Bills:  The current checkbook balance is $116,196.41 and the monthly bills total is $12,483.19.  Bader made a motion to pay the bills and pay $25,000 principle payment on loan #26328 at the La Farge State Bank, seconded by Young. Motion carried. 


7. Review Building Permits: none

8. Fire Number Applications:  none


9.  Transportation Committee Update:  Arnold stated that the committee is gathering information for current year work plan to be discussed at the next meeting, March 9, at 7PM.


10.  Discuss the Unimproved Roads in Avalanche: It was brought to the attention to the Board by a surveyor who is working with Daniel Arnold and Mark Lindvig, that Avalanche had been plotted back in the mid 1800’s.  The discussion led as to what the Town was going to do about this issue.  Chairman Bader with ask the Wis. Towns Asso. Attorney for an opinion to be presented at the March meeting. Issue was tabled until then.


11.  Request Gravel, Rock and Sealcoat Bids: Clerk Yttri will advertize for bids to be presented at the March meeting.


12.  Discuss Bridge Inspections and Replacement: Chairman Bader presented a routine bridge report on a Duck Creek Rd bridge.


13. Review Policy on Sanding Private Driveways: The Board will look other Town’s policy and will discuss this at the Annual Meeting in April. The Transportation committee will set guidelines and develop a policy to address this issue and report back to the board.


14. Discuss 2010 Cash Flow: The Board will address this issue when the yearly road projects are established.


15. Renew Gunderson Lutheran DOT Testing Contract: Bader made a motion to renew the contract with Gunderson Lutheran for this year, seconded by Young.  Motion carried.


16. Patrolmen’s Report:  Patrolman Hysel reported that the IH 2001 Truck had a low oil pressure sensor and a broken leaf spring replaced, forty-four ton of salt was delivered and they reviewed the town shop heating system with the Board.  Hysel checked on options with bulk oil deliveries with four dealers, and he thought that they should stay with La Farge Co-op since the town buy’s limited amounts and the co-op will give the town a 10% discount.


17. Public Input: Skip Oliphant asked about the number of miles the town board is going to seal-coat this year.  Bader stated that the Board had not decided yet


16. Board Comments:  Daniel Arnold stated that the Croell Quarry rock crushing was operating day and night creating a lot of noise to the Avalanche area residents.


17. Future Meeting Dates:


            March 9 – Transportation Committee Meeting, 7:00 PM

            March 22 – Monthly Board Meeting, 7:00 PM


18. Adjourn:  Young moved to adjourn, seconded by Bader.  Meeting adjourned.




Submitted by: Ole Yttri, Clerk ______________________  Date: February 17, 2010_


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