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Draft – To be approved at the April 13, 2010 Annual Meeting

Town of Webster


Annual Meeting

April 14, 2009


The Annual Meeting of the Town of Webster was held on April 14, 2009, at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.  There were 36 people in attendance including all newly-elected Board members: Chairman Paul Bader, Supervisor Daniel Arnold, Supervisor John Young, Clerk Ole Yttri, and Treasurer Jan Parker. 


Chair Paul Bader called the meeting to order.  Yttri lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Posting was reported by Clerk Ole Yttri to have been done at the Town Hall, Avalanche Store, on the website, through email, and through the Episcope.  Minimum posting is required if the annual meeting is held on the second Tuesday of April. 


Clerk Yttri read the minutes of the last annual meeting.  Barb Briggs made a motion to accept the minutes as read, and Art Thelen seconded. Minutes were approved.


Chair Bader next asked Clerk Yttri to present the Financial Report. Yttri presented the report for the year 2008, and then shared a report he had put together regarding the 2007 and 2008 flood damages and money received to date.  Chair Bader observed that the current accounts payable of approximately $61,000 are in addition to the intermediate and long-term indebtedness at the La Farge State Bank. He suggested that the Board consider revisions to the current accounting system in the future to reflect current debts accrued.   Kermit Parker moved to accept the Financial Report presented by Clerk Yttri. Mark Katz seconded. Motion carried.


Chair Bader next asked for Old Business beginning with a review of operations.  Patrolman Brandon Hysel reported on current brushing, patching, and shoulder work.  There was some discussion about the style of cutting and the disposition of the brush piles. The next item of Old Business was the annual equipment usage report. Copies were attached to the agenda, financial report, flood damage report, and wage comparison report, which were distributed to all attending the annual meeting.


Next, Chair Bader asked that the proposed resolutions be considered. These are the four annual resolutions for operation of Town financial business by the Town Board. Bader read and explained each one.  They are:


Resolution I.  Be it resolved by the town meeting that we authorize the town board to borrow money necessary to carry on town business until tax roll is collected.


Resolution II.  Be it resolved by the town meeting that we authorize the town clerk to place upon the tax roll any money due to the town that can be legally assessed, and the town treasurer be instructed to collect the accounts according to law.


Resolution III.  Be it resolved by the town meeting that we authorize the town board to borrow money on short-term credit to carry on the present seal-coating program.


Resolution IV.  Be it resolved by the town meeting that the town board be authorized to levy the amount necessary for bridges.


Kermit Parker made a motion to adopt the four resolutions, seconded by Art Thelen.  Motion carried.


Under New Business Gordie Nemec moved to continue to designate the Broadcaster and the Episcope as official newspapers for posting purposes and to designate the State Bank of La Farge, Avalanche Store, Wild Rose Dairy Office and the Town Hall as posting locations, in addition to email notification and web site posting. Barb Briggs seconded motion.  Motion carried. Roseanne Boyette reminded the Board that the posting must include the agenda.


A proposed resolution to increase the tax levy to assist operation of the Town was discussed with no action taken on it at this time.  Tom Brennan moved to investigate constructing a cell tower on Town property as a source of additional income. Bryan Voldahl seconded it.  A voice vote failed to determine the results, so a ballot vote was taken. The results were 12 votes in favor and 20 votes against. Motion defeated.


The next item on the agenda was Any Other Business Brought by Public Before the Board.  Barb Briggs questioned whether the 1994 NH Loader could be sold.  Gordie Nemec stated that he thought every piece of equipment should be scrutinized including the new loader.  Brandon Hysel suggested that the scrutiny of the machinery be delayed until the end of summer. Tom Brennan suggested looking into sharing of equipment with other municipalities. Brandon Hysel suggested the Board look into renting out the Case 621  loader to other municipalities.  Rosanne Boyette made a motion to establish a 5-person board, seconded by Janet Kruk.  On a paper ballot vote, the motion failed with 9 in favor and 24 not in favor. Next Bryan Voldahl read a list of his suggestions for Board considerations.  They were: Quit spending monies you do not have. Suspend seal coat program until monies are in the account.  No blanket short term loans unless approved by taxpayers- 2 mo.  Use shop for as many repairs as possible, utilizing Randy Volden. Get some shoes on the plow trucks—tearing up seal coat.  No more unsightly grinding of trees and brush.  Establish rainy day fund. Replace bridges only as absolutely needed until funds are in.  Township workers to mow town hall.  Pay off long term debt asap.  Allow residents to address board without having to get on the agenda.  Mark Katz suggested that chairs be purchased to replace the benches in the Town Hall.  Chair Bader suggested that citizens might be willing to donate chairs.  Ellen Theln suggested that people could bring their own chairs.  Mark Katz suggested that the historic benches could be sold to raise funds for chairs. Katz also suggested that citizens consider joining their local ambulance squads and taking training. Joe Swanson asked that the notices and agendas for meeting be posted at least 24 hours in advance.

Under Town Board Comments, Supervisor Arnold thanked those who supported him and pledged to do his best for the Town. Supervisor Young stated that his main aim was for the Board to be fiscally responsible and also thanked those who voted for him. Treasurer Parker referred to the wage comparison chart.  Kermit Parker moved to raise the wages of each member to the level of that paid to the members of Clinton Township Board.  Motion died for the lack of a second.


On a motion by Art Thelen and seconded by Jody Wirts, the date for the 2010 Annual Meeting was set for Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall. Motion carried.


Gordie Nemec moved to adjourn, seconded by Barb Briggs and meeting was adjourned.


Submitted by:___________________________________

                     Ole A. Yttri, Town of Webster Clerk



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