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Town of Webster


Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the Town of Webster

Board of Supervisors

September 16, 2008


1.  Call to Order:  Chair Skip Oliphant called the monthly board meeting to order at 6:30 PM, with all members present.  A total of 10 people were in attendance.


2.  Pledge of Allegiance:  The Board led the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.  Proof of Posting:  Clerk Yttri gave proof of proper posting of meeting and agenda, (two newspapers, at the four posting places, on the Town website and via email for those citizens who have signed up for email notification).


4. Adoption of Agenda: Thelen moved to adopt the agenda, seconded by Parker. Motion carried. 


5. Minutes of Previous Meetings:  Clerk Yttri presented the minutes of the August 19, 2008 meeting.  Parker moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Thelen. Motion carried.


6. Review and Payment of Bills:  The current checkbook balance is $17,238.37 with the monthly bills total is $42,422.50. Parker made a motion to pay the current bills except for Croell Redi-Mix, Scott Construction and Kraemer Co. bills for a total of bills to be paid $5,261.55, seconded by Thelen. Motion carried. 


7. Review Building Permits:  Kevin Alderson

8. Fire Number Applications:  none


9. Comprehensive Planning Committee Update: Jack Lee, Chairman, firmed up a date with Marcy West as November 15th at 1:00 PM at the Webster Town Hall for the public participation meeting for the nine elements of the Comprehensive Planning Commission.  Clerk Yttri has submitted a $500.00 bill to the Nuzum Projects Funding to assist the Town with the cost of postage of mailings.


10. Transportation Committee Update:  Rosanne Boyette, Chairman, pointed out a large aerial map on the town hall wall that the committee had obtained.  She explained though, that the map has several road and driveway marking errors, they would be corrected.


11.  Class A Beer & Liquor Update to Class B—One Sun Farm, Dave Varney:  The Varneys have requested a change from a Class A Beer License to a Class B License which would allow them to sell and serve beer and wine products in their new expanded restaurant area.  The discussion will continue at the October Board meeting.


12.& 14.  2008 Flood Damage Update & Patrolmen’s Report:  Patrolmen Wirts and Hysel reported that seal coating has started today and should be completed in a couple of days.  The patrolmen are continuing to work on ditching flood-damaged Dell and Avalanche Roads.  There still remains a lot of patchwork along the edge of several flood-damaged roads to be completed this year. 


13. Tax Levy Discussion: The Board is considering raising the Town of Webster RE Tax Levy an additional $40,000 to $50,000 over the 2% State mandated levy cap which is about $2,900. The board will need to set a meeting time the first part of October to pass a resolution and then hold a public meeting the end of October to have the residents vote on it. 


15. Public Input:  Rosanne Boyette informed the board that she thought the web site needed updating, Chairman Oliphant & Clerk Yttri will check with the webmaster.


16. Board Comments:  none

17. Future Meeting Dates:


September 23  -- Transportation Committee, 7:30 PM

October 21 -- Monthly Board Meeting, 6:30 PM


18. Adjourn:  Thelen moved to adjourn, seconded by Parker.  Meeting adjourned.



Submitted by: Ole Yttri, Clerk ______________________  Date: September 16, 2008_

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