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Town of Webster


Annual Meeting

April 14, 2008


The Annual Meeting of the Town of Webster was held on April 14, 2008, at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.  There were 29 people in attendance including all Board members: Chair Skip Oliphant, Supervisor Tim Parker, Supervisor Art Thelen, Clerk Ole Yttri, and Treasurer Jan Parker. 


Chair Skip Oliphant called the meeting to order.  Oliphant lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Posting was reported by Clerk Ole Yttri to have been done at the Town Hall, Avalanche Store, La Farge State Bank, on the website, via email, and through the Episcope and Broadcaster Newspapers. 


Clerk Yttri read the minutes of the last annual meeting.  Jack Lee asked that the minutes be corrected to reflect his statement that he ‘favors comprehensive planning’.  Yttri will make that correction.  June Widner made a motion to accept the minutes as read with the correction, Jean Beck seconded.


The four annual resolutions for operation of Town financial business by the Town Board were read.  They are:

Resolution I.  Be it resolved by the town meeting that we authorize the town board to borrow money necessary to carry on town business until tax roll is collected.


Resolution II.  Be it resolved by the town meeting that we authorize the town clerk to place upon the tax roll any money due to the town that can be legally assessed, and the town treasurer be instructed to collect the accounts according to law.


Resolution III.  Be it resolved by the town meeting that we authorize the town board to borrow money on short-term credit to carry on the present seal-coating program.


Resolution IV.  Be it resolved by the town meeting that the town board be authorized to levy the amount necessary for bridges.

Kermit Parker made a motion to adopt the four resolutions, seconded by Carla Oliphant.  Carried unanimously.


The Financial Report was presented and reviewed by the board.  The residents asked several questions such as:  Did FEMA pay off the loader debt?  Does the Town need two loaders?  Questions on repairs, signage, and the usage of TRIP Grant moneys were also asked.   Bud Nemec moved to accept the Financial Report presented by Clerk Yttri. Kermit Parker seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Under Old Business, Oliphant reviewed operations for the year, discussing the roadwork done on several town roads and the progress with the repairs with the 2007 Flood damaged areas.  Waddell questioned the strategy of grinding and letting the road area set all winter.  He also asked whether gravel would be used to raise the road base level.  Chair Oliphant answered with a yes, it would be.   Waddell says no to seal-coating ban –“proud of seal-coating roads” don’t go back to gravel “honor our commitment” to resolve to seal coat.  Oliphant reported on the updated attached chart including the Town equipment ages and miles/hours usage for the last 12 months.


Under New Business Bud Nemec moved to continue to designate the Broadcaster and the Episcope as official newspapers for posting purposes and to designate the State Bank of La Farge, Avalanche Store, and the Town Hall as posting locations, seconded by Paul Bader.  Roseanne Boyette amended to add David Varney’s business on Hwy 82 as another posting location, stating that there should be three posting places within the town, seconded by Jack Lee.  The amendment and motion carried unanimously.


Tax levy increase will only be 2% ($2,980) on next year budget.  Discussion continued to exceed this limit by adding to the dollar amount to the levy to assist the operations or debt retirement of the town.  No decision was made at this time.  Thelen suggested a special meeting later to check on this process.  Several people committed on selling the Case 621 Loader to help lower the debt because the town could not justify this piece equipment at this time.


The next item on the agenda was Any Other Business Brought by Public Before the Board.  The first item referred was a motion by Rosanne Boyette to consider a 5-person board, seconded by Daniel Arnold.  On a ballot vote, the motion failed by 15 to 10.


There are two current openings on the Comprehensive Planning Committee, Daniel Arnold was suggested by Jack Lee as a member and he also thought there should be a list of alternate people to serve if there are anyother changes to the committee.


Roadside dumping was brought up as to the procedure for such an act.  Chair Oliphant said to get the license number and he would call the police.


Under Town Board Comments, Supervisor Thelen thought that the meeting had great participation from all in attendance.


On a motion by Bud Nemec and seconded by Brandon Parker, the date for the 2009 Annual Meeting was set for Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall. Motion carried.


Carla Oliphant moved to adjourn, seconded by Jack Lee and meeting was adjourned.


Submitted by:___________________________________

                     Ole A. Yttri, Town of Webster Clerk



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