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The Town Board of the Town of Webster, Vernon County, Wisconsin ordains as follows:

Section 1: Statement of Purpose

In order to promote the general welfare and safety of the public, it is deemed necessary to establish weight limitations on Town roads in the Town of Webster.

Section 2: Permanent Weight Limitations

Except as hereinafter provided, no person without a permit therefore, shall operate any vehicle or combination of vehicles imposing wheel, axle, group of axles, or gross weight on any Town road in the Town of Webster exceeding 60 percent of the weight authorized in Section 348.15 (3), Wisconsin Statutes.

  1. Any motor vehicle whose operation is pick up or delivery, including operation for the purpose of moving or delivering supplies or commodities to or from any place of business or residence that has an entrance on a Town road may pick up or deliver on a Town road without complying with the gross vehicle limitations imposed above.

  1. The transportation of peeled or unpeeled forest products cut crosswise or for abrasives or salt for highway winter maintenance in excess of gross weight limitations under Section 348.15, Wisconsin Statutes, shall be permitted during the winter months when the highways are so frozen that no damage may result thereto by reason of such transportation.

Section 3: Seasonal Weight Limitations

In addition to the permanent weight limitation on Town of Webster roads hereinabove set forth, the Town Chairperson may impose special seasonal limitations on any Town road or portion thereof which because of weakness of the roadbed due to deterioration, climate conditions, or other special or temporary condition which would likely be seriously damaged or destroyed in the absence of such special limitations.

Section 4: Heavy Traffic Routes

Pursuant to the authority granted by Section 349.17 (1), Wisconsin Statutes, the Town Board may designate any Town road under its jurisdiction as a heavy traffic route and designate the type and character of vehicles which may be operated thereon except vehicles operating on a Town road for the purpose of obtaining orders for supplies or moving or delivering supplies or commodities to or from any place of business or residence which has an entrance on such Town road.

Section 5: Signs

Appropriate weight limitations signs shall be erected on Town roads as well as appropriate signs designating high traffic roads giving notice thereof.

Section 6: Penalty for Violation

No person shall operate any vehicles on the highways of the Town of Webster in violation of weight limits without a written permit issued by the Town Board of the Town of Webster and any violation shall be subject to the penalties set forth in Section 348.21 (3), Wisconsin Statutes.

Section 7: Severity

If any provision or portion of this Ordinance is adjudicated to be unconstitutional or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

Section 8: Effective Upon Publication or Posting

This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force and effect from the date after its passage by the Town Board of the Town of Webster and publication or posting as required by law.

Adopted this ____21___ day of ___February_____, 2007.


___Glen R. Oliphant_____________

Town Chairman

______Gordon Nemec_______

Supervisor I

______Tim Parker____________

Supervisor II

_______Ole A. Yttri____________

Town Clerk

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