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Driveway Sanding and Snow Plowing Policy

1. The Town patrolmen do not routinely plow snow from residential driveways. Town residents are urged to obtain those services from a private vendor. There are times however when ice conditions necessitate sanding of private driveways for the safety of all residents, with the Town equipment.

2. The Town personnel will enter private driveways only if the patrolman deems it safe for the town equipment to enter and exit. (Minimum specifications for a driveway to be considered safe for town equipment: a compact 12 foot wide gravel surface free of deep ruts, 15 foot overhead clearance, maximum slope under 15% and a turnaround of 40 feet in diameter or a Y turnaround sufficient for the Town Trucks).

3. For ice emergency conditions where the driveway is deemed unsafe to enter the patrolman will leave a sand/screenings pile at the junction of the driveway and the Town road for the resident to use.

4. When ice conditions are not general and you need your driveway sanded there will be a charge of $30 per sanding if the patrolman knows ahead of time so that it can be done on his regular route and during regular working hours (7am to 3pm??). Leave a message on the town shop telephone the night before or early in the morning before the patrolmen leave on their routes. If the patrolman is called from the Town Shop to sand a driveway there will be an additional charge for mileage from the Town shop @ $2/mile one way.

5. When private driveways become too narrow due to successive snowfalls the town will wing snow banks if there is room to move the snow off the driveway. The same charge and notice in number 4 above apply.

6. The town will not be responsible for any damage to driveways, lawns or vehicles caused by the above services.

7. If any of the services above become available commercially to Town residents the Town of Webster will discontinue those services.

WEBSTER TOWN BOARD-- November 2010

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