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Town Board Resolution

Burning Ordinance



WHEREAS,  Section 26.13(3) of the Wisconsin Statutes states,  “Whenever the town board of any town located outside of a fire protection district deems it imprudent to set fires upon any land within the town, they shall post or cause to be posted in five public places in each township in such town, notices, which shall be prepared by the department, forbidding the setting of fires therein, and after the posting of such notices, no person shall set any fire upon any land in said town except for warming the person or cooking food, until written permission has been received from one of the fire wardens of said town.”


WHEREAS, the escape of forest, brush or grass fires is a threat to human life and property and a heavy expense to the taxpayers and township to control,


Be it resolved, by the Town Board of Webster, that no person shall set any fire upon any land in said town without a written burning permit from April 1 to November 30, except for warming the person or cooking food.


Be it further resolved, that any person setting a fire shall comply with the following requirements:


  1. Before setting any fire, a burning permit shall be obtained from a person designated by the town board.
  2. No permit will be required to burn rubbish in a barrel, trashcan or other enclosed burner if a heavy wire screen or cover is used to prevent burning material or embers from blowing out.
  3. No burning in town dump by unauthorized persons.


Be it further resolved, the town board will enforce Wisconsin Statutes 26.14(5),(6),(9) regarding payment for damages.


This order becomes affective upon the posting of this ordinance.


Any person who violates this ordinance shall forfeit the outlined liability damages in the above-mentioned state statutes.



Recorded in the minutes of                                            BY ORDER OF TOWN BOARD

The Town Board Meeting:

Dated March 14, 1989                                                 Brent A. Waddell, Chairman

                                                                                    Paul A. Thelen, Supervisor

Ara Clark, Town Clerk                                     Richard R. Parker, Supervisor

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